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      51 products


      “Your packaging made me smile every time I opened the box! Incredible! Knowing I was supporting local yarn!”


      “My favorite part of the yarn club was the combinations of fiber and pattern with a nice bit of sweet from a Wyoming candy maker”


      “I love the variety, quality and story behind the yarns."


      I absolutely LOVE this yarn. Thank you so much for making it! It feels great when you are knitting and then the wearing is even better. My daughter snatched it up so now I’m making sweater #2. Thank you, thank you!


      I’m working on my second DRK Everyday sweater with your yarn and I just want to tell you how much I LOVE this tweedy, springy, perfect yarn! Thank you for creating it. I’m hoping you’ll someday have a blue choice. 🤞🏼 With much appreciation,


      I assumed you were a big company with hundreds of employees and wouldn't have time or care if a shipment arrived or not, but after reading a couple of emails & blog posts, I changed my mind.

      I find smaller companies care more, and it seems you guys take the time to do every step with care.

      I haven't started any of my kits yet, I just love them already. These were going to be gifts for others but I changed my mind about that, too.

      I don't think I could part with such gorgeous yarn, knowing the care you all put into it.


      100% American Made & Wyoming Grown

      Created with eco-friendly operations and fair prices for our ranchers. From Ranch to Home. Legacy Fleece. The Art of Custom Processing.