Happy Valentines Day

From Mountain Meadow Wool to You:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy our special product highlights for our knitting friends


Our Easy Thrum Mitten Kit

Truly heartwarming!

Thrum knitting is a traditional method of knitting unspun wool into knits to add insulation. From the outside of this pattern, the wool takes the shape of little hearts. This kit will warm you from the inside out!

And for a limited time, this kit is on sale!

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Our Heart Gift Bag Kit

This advanced beginner mini knitting kit has everything you need to make this cute bag measuring 4.25" square. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Our Warm Heart Cowl

This warm and beautiful cowl is an advanced beginner to intermediate pattern designed by Hanna Miller. It's perfect to add a little color and warmth to your wardrobe.

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Our Jelly Roll Kit

This fun beginner knit pattern is quick and easy to make. The scarf is long enough to wrap twice or in a variety of ways. And it comes in your choice of many different colors so you can custom it for all those special people in your life!

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