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Happy Valentines Day
Just in time for Valentines Day....some special knitting kits!
Creating a New Color
A lot of work goes into creating a custom yarn or a custom yarn color.  Here is the journey we took in creating our latest custom color:
Knitting to Reduce Stress
Therapeutic Knitting..... to Calm, Focus and Refresh!
Custom Processing - What you need to know
Whether you are a large-scale sheep operation or a small hobby farm, questions arise such as “how can I bring more value to my wool clip” or “what is the best product to make with my fiber”.  I get asked these questions more times than I can count and decided it was time to put a blog together that highlights some of the key points to consider on your journey to the creation of a quality, custom product whether it be roving, yarn, a finished blanket, hat, sweater, or other apparel. 
Laramie - MMW Yarn RenEWE
A wonderful Rambouillet wool yarn.  Check out our "Laramie" renEWE for yarn information, patterns, and more.
Today I realized that we are very close to having 20,000 Facebook Likes!  Wow!  20K likes in 2020! We want to celebrate the moment we get there with something fun for everyone, so how about a SALE!   20% off everything...
Burma to Buffalo! Bringing Business Back to America
Burma to Buffalo Mountain Meadow Wool Bringing Business Back to America by Kelsey Hostetler Over the years big businesses have been leaving American soil and taking up roots in foreign countries where the prices are cheaper and labor is more...