Today I realized that we are very close to having 20,000 Facebook Likes!  Wow!  20K likes in 2020!

We want to celebrate the moment we get there with something fun for everyone, so how about a SALE!   20% off everything on the website for the whole day or maybe even a weekend, so let your friends know and you can all help us to get there.  We will let everyone know when its going to happen, so keep watching.

So, when I think for a moment on how we got to the 20K, I laugh.  I remember when the FB likes rolled over to 1000, it doesn’t seem that long ago!  But then my mind wanders off…and I am back to a barn, a tub, a lot of raw wool and soapy water…..that was 18 years ago!  (That’s a younger me on the left)

Who would have thought that washing wool back then would lead to what I see around me now? Thousands of pounds of wool, large and noisy machines, piles of wool in all forms from clean and fluffy to coils and coils of roving to yarn on spools and cones and skeins, colors awash in the dye kitchen,  knitting machines whirring and making sweaters, labeling, packaging, shipping and friendly smiles everywhere I walk.  It’s a wonder for sure.  

So, thank you to everyone who has liked us along the way! Let’s get to 20K and then start working on the next 20K!

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