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Happy Valentines Day
Just in time for Valentines Day....some special knitting kits!
The Lesson Of The Mittens
Here we are in March, a month that hints of spring out here on the high plains of Wyoming but can’t quite let go of winter.  We’ve had another week of that very thing.  The sun warms us up to...
Creating a New Color
A lot of work goes into creating a custom yarn or a custom yarn color.  Here is the journey we took in creating our latest custom color:
Knitting to Reduce Stress
Therapeutic Knitting..... to Calm, Focus and Refresh!
Laramie - MMW Yarn RenEWE
A wonderful Rambouillet wool yarn.  Check out our "Laramie" renEWE for yarn information, patterns, and more.
Today I realized that we are very close to having 20,000 Facebook Likes!  Wow!  20K likes in 2020! We want to celebrate the moment we get there with something fun for everyone, so how about a SALE!   20% off everything...