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Laramie, Wyoming is an eclectic town comprised of college-town vibrancy, Western history and lore, and epic outdoor adventure. The home of the Wyoming Cowboys and the famous Bucking Horse "Steamboat".




Tidbit - Laramie derived its name from a French/Canadian trapper named Jacques La Ramie.










The town was established in 1868 with the advancing of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Laramie had some wild early years of untamed western lawlessness but then settled into the normal rhythms of a frontier town. Laramie is situated on a high plateau between two mountain ranges making it a great fit for a warm and rugged Rambouillet yarn.



This yarn is a Mountain Meadow Wool favorite! 2-ply Mountain Merino® Rambouillet a classic worsted-weight yarn with a liveliness in the fiber and great stitch definition. Products crafted with the rugged beauty and extra loft of this skin-soft Mountain Merino® Rambouillet will be prized for many years. 
Available in natural cream and 24 artisan dyed colors. Be sure to also look at our 2-ply worsted Natural Grey's and 3-ply Worsted Natural Grey Tweeds. These contrast nicely with "Laramie" and are produced as combed yarns for a smooth finish.

You don't knit? No worries! Look at wraps and scarves in our apparel line


Patterns in "Laramie"


"Grand Teton Tote" by Sophia Minakais



If you love Fair Isle, you’ll love this seamless bottom-up bag. Plus, once your bag is finished, you can use up all your remaining colors to knit up a whole set of easy winter accessories. The kit with yarn and patterns are available here

"North Country Mitts" by  Andrea Mowry

These mitts are fast to knit and easy to wear, utilizing only one set of needles, less than 70 yards of worsted weight yarn and an easy to follow stitch pattern with just the right amount of texture - these will fly off of your needles!

Pattern Available on Ravelry


"Glowing Embers" by Simone Keriet

Take campfire warmth with you wherever you go with this easy to make cowl. Pattern available on Ravelry  

"Left Hand" by Bonnie Dean

Mid-1800’s motif and three stripe pattern are created with a simple stranded pattern. The hat features a self-hem in contrasting color.  Pattern available on Ravelry  

"Ancient Artifact" by 10 hours or less

Surround yourself with a splash of color in this bright and beautiful knitted shawl!  Pattern available on Ravelry  


Crochet patterns by Angela Plunkett







Check out many wonderful patterns on Angela's Little Monkey Designs on her website 

"Hello Baby Boots" by Appalachian Baby

The adorable "fur-lined" boots are the perfect gift for baby! Using loop stitch to create a cuff, these boots are worked from the top down through the sole and then seamed.  Pattern available on Ravelry


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