"RENewe'd"- Conservative Consumerism

We would like to take a moment to introduce our unique RENewe line. A hallmark of Mountain Meadow Wool manufacturing is our goal to find a use for every scrap, bi-product, and general bits-n-pieces of fiber. Waste not, want not as the saying goes. The misconception might be that in doing so, you compromise quality. However, we believe quality can be maintained and waste can be minimized by having an entire line dedicated to these practices.


Meet RENewe Fingering.

Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is a custom mill, tracing our wool to the ranch it was raised on. To do this, it's imperative that we clean the machines in between processing to keep the fiber separated. Invariably, at the end of processing, there is always a little in the machines that needs cleaned out before the next ranch's fiber can be processed. We keep this fiber and card it with the other leftover bits to create our RenEwe® fingering. This yarn ends up being a blend and is usually a coarser 24-26 micron. We use this yarn to make table runners, saddle blankets, and saddle blanket liners. It is also available for purchase in skeins.


Meet RENewe Knits.


These limited-edition blankets are from sweaters, blankets, and other finished items that didn't meet finished quality control standards (perhaps a size issue on a sweater or a machine issue that stopped a blanket mid-production). The yarn was put back onto a cone to re-knit.  It also includes the small remnants of quality yarn that remain after an order is finished but there isn't enough material to make more.  Help us close the loop in material conservation with these one-of-a-kind limited-edition throws.  Note - the photos are representative of the product style/color and there will be slight variations in the actual product shipped.  For example we may run a batch of throws using red, white, and blue for Independence Day but they may all have slight variations in the patterning or in the shade of blue or red.  


Meet RENewe Creatives.

Mountain Meadow Wool Creatives offers an ever-changing array of beautifully ingenious products made from finished knitted items that didn't meet quality control standards for that item but are still beautiful and have found new use in different ways. From our unique ranch coats and ponchos to slippers and bags, these items cannot be replicated. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted to make the best use of the fabric available. 

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"RENewe'd"- Conservative Consumerism
A hallmark of Mountain Meadow Wool manufacturing is our goal to find a use for every scrap, bi-product, and general bits-n-pieces of fiber.  Our RENewe line creatively conserves these materials into beautiful products to last a lifetime.
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