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What if.... 

... we could do more together than by ourselves

... we could pool our resources to accomplish fulfilling tasks

... we could provide more job opportunities

... we could help sustain American sheep ranching

I think we can!  Partner with myself (Ben) and mom (Karen) our employees and wonderful wool producers to continue building fulfilling and meaningful jobs as we make quality wool products and help support American sheep ranching.  

Your donation today will go a long ways towards helping us achieve the tasks set before us each day!  We will keep you informed as to the total donations received and what those donations were used for.  We will keep you updated with full transparency of what we are able to accomplish together!  Our first goal is the purchase of a sock knitting machine ($50,000) to knit a heavy weight boot, ski, outdoor, or just comfy around the house on a cold day sock.  We have a full tier of different products depending upon how much we raise.

A couple administrative details: this not a tax deductible donation...and not an excuse to not donate to your local church or charity ;)   You won't receive any physical products with this donation.  This donation will help fund Mountain Meadow Wool growth and development (facilities/equipment). 

Thank you for partnering with us on this journey!