Endings and Beginnings

Summertime is ending!  Fall is beginning!

Summer is such a short intense season and always bittersweet when you see the first hint of color coming into the trees.  Oh no…. hurry… enjoy the sun’s warmth and the last of the flowers and the garden!  But also, it is filled with a sigh…no more mowing, watering, mosquitos!

Summer is also the time for taking trips whether it’s a picnic in the mountains or a road trip.

My husband and I, 3 grandchildren ages 6,4 and 1 and their parents took a road trip the end of July and it was a bit different than our road trip in June!  A little louder, a little more chaos but a lot of hugs, ice cream, kids’ songs, and bonding… a déjà vu of road trips 20 years ago.  It was great fun! 

Our summer here at the mill has been very busy with lots of visitors.  It is always a great treat to meet people from all over, thank you for visiting!  They come from everywhere and always seem to enjoy their stop at the mill.  We have a free self-guided tour upstairs along the mezzanine and it includes a touch and feel room and a video wall with a great loop of informative videos. Come and visit if you can!

Mountain Meadow Wool had our first float in the Johnson County parade.
We won 1st place!
Our Cowboy Yarn Crawl in Wyoming closed out this week as well and it is growing!  It is quite a commitment to make it to all the shops as they are all across the state but we did have a few that made it to every shop.  Congratulations to all the winners!

As a follow up from my July post, we are starting more of Shepherd’s Lamb wool through the process which when it is done will all be shipped down to Tierra Wools in New Mexico again for dyeing.  We are also look forward to a visit from the monks from Christ in the Desert to deliver wool this fall! 

In pondering a bit about Labor Day this past weekend I am reminded of the people in our lives…labor day is a day to celebrate work and rest!  We all must do our work with dignity whatever it is and thank the people who work for us.  I am thankful for the team that works here at Mountain Meadow Wool!  They all do their best and usually with a smile. 

And now we look forward to the beginning of fall and the wonderful garden harvests and colors.  I personally love the crispness to the air and the crunch of falling leaves!  In our neck of the woods, the nights can get pretty cold and the first frost is probably just around the corner.  Here's to the changing of the seasons, enjoy!




  • Porsche

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I prefer autumn, and I often buy nice sweaters wool & cashmere

  • Anne E

    I’m so glad to have found your company! I love that your mill is in the West as I am too! Right now I’m knitting with Tweeds 100% Mountain Merino wool and I absolutely love it! It’s very smooth and silky. I know that I’ll be a regular customer for many years to come. Thank you for all the quality yarn you produce.

  • Catherine

    Love that you had a float in the parade and that it won first prize! Bravo! I am knitting a colorwork pullover with your yarn at this moment. Saratoga. It is wonderful. And local. That’s what I like!

  • Kathy Rochedieu

    Yours is such a wonderful success story and I love restoring my connection to Wyoming thru your products. Thank you!

  • Peggi

    I’m so glad your company is doing so well! I tell everyone I know about your website and the great yarns you produce! I’ve also made up a list of yarn and fiber sources throughout the country that offer locally grown and spun and dyed items. As one company said, from sheep to stash!
    Wonderful that you’ve also had time to get away, healthy for all. Congrats on another great year!

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