Bison - Ribbed Cuff Wool Beanie

Brand: Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

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Premium Wool and Bison Beanie

A one-of-a-kind premium USA Made product.  The cuff is made from 100% fine Mountain Merino® wool in the natural undyed grey.  The dome of the beanie features our premium Tatanka blend (65% black wool, 15% alpaca, and 20% hand-pulled Bison.

We hand-pull the bison fiber off the animals during yearly roundup to vaccinate the new additions to the herd.  These hats are warm and a great authentically American product. 

These beanies have a 2 inch cuff around the bottom. They lay soft and snug around the head, blocking wind and trapping warmth across your face and ears. The hat will keep you warm while allowing the top of your head to breathe and release moisture.

Processing is gentle and sustainable for a natural product that is free from chemicals.

Care Instructions: Handwash Cold Water, Lay Flat to Air Dry

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