Sheridan - MMW Yarn Renewe Campaign

Welcome to our yarn celebration!  We started this journey 12 years ago and we are excited to “renewe” our wonderful yarns over the months ahead. 

Join us on our journey through Wyoming to discover the towns our yarns were named after and rediscover the variety of yarns we are Making every day!



Sheridan Wyoming sits just north of our headquarters in Buffalo and is close to the Montana border.  Sheridan has a lively downtown which welcomes all and the wide-open spaces and dramatic mountain views make this a place like no other.

 A cowboy hitches its horse outside The Mint (the oldest saloon in the state) and checks his revolver at the door. If you listen you can hear the boot spurs clicking in the room and sitting at the piano in the corner, a lovely gal with a wrap knit with MMW“Sheridan” 3ply bulky to keep off the winter chill. Insert hyperlink to wraps

We named this yarn “Sheridan” because it is a good yarn for the north and we loved the yarn’s bounce and feel.  Nothing too fancy just good old-fashioned comfort and like the town, you feel at home. 

Spun into a 3-ply bulky weight yarn featuring a higher twist coupled with true Mountain Merino® softness.  Sheridan has a springy, substantial feel and it will delight your hands as you knit or crochet.  In the northern mountain foothills of Wyoming this yarn brings thoughts of outdoor winter adventures wearing a cozy hat or sweater.  Available in a range of hand-dyed colors and also in our natural cream.  Be sure to also look at our Natural Grays Bulky.  This is the same yarn as “Sheridan” but done as a combed yarn for a smooth finish and is available in light, medium and dark gray.

3-ply Bulky, approx. 115yd/100g/3.5oz
100% Mountain Merino® - Rambouillet Wool
Made in Buffalo, Wyoming USA

Use Promo Code - sheridan12  to celebrate our 12th year and get 12% off of all Sheridan yarn through Nov 15..

We are also offering a free pattern with the purchase of 4 skeins of yarn. 

The pattern was the first ever designed in our Sheridan yarn.  “Wind River Jacket” by Laurel Murphy of Handknitting

Some of our other patterns in Sheridan:

Spout Knits “Drifter” free download on Ravelry    


“Pebbles Cowl”  by Mountain Meadow Wool 

 Pebbles Cowl - Sheridan Yarn Pattern

JUL   “Morning on the River Kimono”  

Morning on the River Kimono - Sheridan


Drumlin - Sheridan


Ridgeline - Sheridan

 “Tayma”     all available on Ravelry


Kristen TenDyke - “ Forest “Cardigan

Forest Cardigan - Sheridan Yarn

  Just Peachy Cardigan

Just Peachy - Sheridan Yarn

both on Ravelry

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