Natural and Neutral

Consider a Natural Color

Are you always using the same colors in your projects? While you may love purple with a passion, or grab every shade of green, natural yarns are not to be overlooked! All of the Mountain Meadow Wool yarns are available in a natural and neutral undyed color. Don't forget that our Winter Sale continues through the end of February! Here are a few projects to inspire your next cast on!

Projects in Naturals

We spotted a number of projects on Ravelry knit with Mountain Meadow Wool yarns, in the natural neutrals of brown, gray, or white. Shown above, clockwise from the top left, Andrearn9's Quill in Dubois, AnnaW's Beer on the Dock in Jackson, ClareAllenPlatt's Roku in Cody, Grannie's Chemo Hat in Mountain Down Sport, Martinivixen's Candy Cabled Gloves in Cody, and Sahlah's Zuzu's Petals in Mountain Down Sport.

Naturals as a Base for Color

If you feel you just have to have color, keep in mind our natural yarns are a great blank canvas ready for your choice of dye! Color is powerful, especially in the winter season. Our friend Debbie dyed a few of our yarns with stunning results. Above left is Hanna, dyed in a very juicy shade of orange. On the right is Lilura, dyed in a colorway that makes us think of Mardi Gras or Carnaval. How do you use naturals? Let us know with a picture or post to our Facebook page, Ravelry group or tag us on Instagram!

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