Lambing is a Season?

Lambing is a Season?

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall...these are the seasons, we know them all. Or do we? Here at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill, we refer to another season. If you live around or know a rancher, they will be quick to inform you of a critical season in their lives...lambing season, calving season, kidding season, farrowing season, foaling season, etc. The season of bringing new life to the world, the new year's hope and potential investment for their production. And why does it have it's own designated "season"? Because everything about a "normal" day is upheaved for the moment. Time revolves around the care of the mother and babe for their health and wellbeing. Sleep, normally a regular necessity, becomes a bounced around luxury of little bits and take it when you can power naps. Warm sit-down dinners will have to wait 'til the season is over. And most producers come out of the season having left a small portion of their sanity with the animals.

The success or failure of this crucial season directly affects the producer's income and while much time, energy, and efforts are put into this time of year, there are other details to attend to make the season productive. Feeding a quality mineral will help the animal get their baby on the ground with fewer complications. The mother should be going into the birthing season in good body condition which requires plenty of food and fresh water. Forage and water help an animal to keep warm instead of relying on their reserves which keeps their body condition higher.

So, yes, there are five seasons in the life of a producer. As this "season" draws near, remember those working hard to keep production going in our world. Send up a prayer, give a word of encouragement or appreciation, or offer a helping hand. They love what they do, but it never hurts to hear how much someone else loves what you do!

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