Jenny Lake KAL at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

March 23, 2024 Jenny Lake KAL at Mountain Meadow Wool, Week 2.


Several of the Saturday knitting group knitters are out of town, but here we are in week 2 of our Jenny Lake KAL.

So, why did we decide to do a KAL on Jenny Lake? 

  • We decided that we wanted to do it because the sample that Carolyn (designer) sent Karen (owner of the mill) was so beautiful, we were inspired to make one for ourselves.
  • We wanted to do a project together.
  • Each of us picked out colors that we wanted for our own Jenny Lake shawl and picked our start date of March 16.

The pattern uses 5 skeins of Mountain Meadow Wool's Cody yarn. Emily chose Pasque Flower.  Anne chose Glacier, for the blue waters of the lake.  Marsha chose Granite.  Kath chose Moss, for the green of the trees on the mountain slopes.  Jona chose Sorrel, a color that she loves. 

Here are some of our knitters and a little about us:

Cathy – our cheerleader and source for fixes when one of us messes something up.  Cathy is proficient and able to help in all sorts of ways.  Her favorite things to knit are scarves and cowls, and seeing her projects inspire us all and give us joy.  She also collects obscure knitting gadgets.

Jona – Her favorite thing to knit, when not doing the shawl, are socks for family and friends.  Talk about a generous heart!  That’s Jona.  She is also a painter of still life, portraits, landscapes and more recently, watercolors.  Multitalented!

Anne – a busy pastor of TWO churches, Anne still makes time to knit.  (The rest of us are without excuse.)  Anne knits a LOT of prayer shawls to give to anyone who needs one.  Recently she broke from prayer shawls to knit a dog sweater for her new best buddy, Bennett.  Anne is a fast knitter who is far enough along on the shawl now to give us a heads up on where we’re headed on the knitting “trail.”

Kath – She works at the mill, and along with Anne, started the Saturday knitting group, right now carrying the Red Lantern for the group, just having got past the Four Seasons section at the beginning.

We’re having so much fun!  And we are thinking about another KAL this fall…stay tuned for that.

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