Chargeurs R&D and Trips for Knitters!

A busy week at the mill.  I made a visit to Chargeurs Wool Scouring in South Carolina, the last commercial top making facility in the US.  We ran a prototype production run of our combed top through their superwash system (process for making wool machine washable).  The project is for an up and coming sock company, Fishhook Socks, based out of South Dakota!  Rancher Wade Kopren is spearheading this effort to bring added value to his ranch operation.  It was great to get to work with the expertise at Chargeurs and we are hopeful that this is the beginning of many future collaborations. 

Trips for Knitters – is a destination knitting retreat company that travels the world experiencing new places, new people, and above all new yarn!  Their visit included a tour, the planning and creation of a custom yarn (which they received before leaving…whew!), a custom dye workshop, a felting workshop, and an experience of the best of Buffalo, Wyoming (Basque dancing and food, bluegrass jam night and stay at the historic Occidental Hotel, and breath taking scenery).  We had knitters from all across the US and Canada!  Thank you Susan Wolcott for bringing your knitters here!

Thought for the week: life is less about the things we do and more about the people we meet

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  • Heather

    This sounds like a great group! Do you have contact info for the “Trips for Knitters?”
    Many thanks!

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