Adjusting our Tours since the Covid-19 Pandemic

Most of you may know, we used offer tours here at the wool mill every day at 1:30 pm and two times during the summer. This is how a typical tour would go:

  1. Watch two videos on the history of Mountain Meadow Wool and what we do.
  2. Take an hour-long stroll through each part of the mill, accompanied by either Karen (owner and founder), Ben (operations manager), or Amy (retail and shipping manager). Though many times tours can last up to an hour and a half (there’s so much to show and discuss!)
  3. End the tour by browsing our retail room and taking a souvenir or 100% wool hoodie home with you!

Everything has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. While we’re fortunate in Buffalo to not have many cases, we still found ourselves trying to adjust to the changes that have been put in place, not only for our safety, but the safety of our visitors.

Mountain Meadow Wool

One big difference to our business structure is adjusting our tour process. After careful thought we’ve decided to introduce and implement a self-guided tour which is now FREE to the public. No schedule needed, no calls ahead of time to reserve a tour; just come on in, tours are now anytime! Here is what to expect with our new tour style:

  1. We start by asking that you wear a mask (although it’s not required)
  2. Start by watching two videos on the history of Mountain Meadow Wool and what we do.
  3. You’re then led upstairs to our (very safe) mezzanine bay that over-looks our shipping, knitting, and storage operations. Along the railing you’ll find informational plaques that describe the processes you are seeing. You’ll also be greeted by a large room with examples of different types of raw wool, finished products, and equipment, referred to as the touch and feel room!
  4. Follow the railing to the other side of the building which over-looks our production operation from the scouring process to spinning, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of our raw wool production.
  5. Come back down to finished product side, browsing our colorful retail room and get yourself an awesome 100% Made In America wool apparel product! :D

While change may be tough, we are adjusting to help keep all our employees safe as well as you wonderful visitors!

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