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Version 1.0 is here!  This is a dual layer mask with an inner layer of 100% fine Mountain Merino® wool and an outer layer blend with 50% Tencel (made from Eucalyptus) and 50% Mountain Merino®. 

I have personally been testing this mask out regularly. It is comfortable to wear (as comfortable as a mask can be).  There is a single drawstring cord lock that enables easy adjustments.... Note: it was quite difficult to find a US manufacturer of these cord locks but we found one!  The paracord we use for the ties is also made in the USA so our supply chain is secure :)

I welcome your feed back on how this product performs.  Version 1.0 will stay at this discounted price while we get user feedback and develop our 2.0 in the coming weeks.  

Stay safe!

Ben - Operations Manager at Mountain Meadow Wool