Combed Top - Limited Edition Fawn Alpaca

Brand: Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

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This Luxurious Alpaca Wool Combed Top is a blend of 60% Fawn Alpaca and 40% 21 micron fine Mountain Merino® wool. The alpaca is from rescued animals in the Black Hills of South Dakota and it is washed and blended with Rambouillet Mountain Merino® wool from local ranches in the west. The Rambouillet creates a stronger and warmer fiber and the alpaca adds luxurious softness and color. Offered only in Combed Top for a smooth, soft finish, this product goes through an extra process to align the fibers, remove vegetation, and create a silky smooth finish.

This product is smooth and silky and has a beautiful soft brown/fawn color.

1 Pound Blend of Fawn Alpaca and 21 Micron Fine Wool Combed Top
Made in Buffalo, Wyoming USA